Enjoying the Mac.

There are man times years ago I wished that my family appreciated computers, and personal computing to buy a Macintosh. Since that first time in the school library with its Blueberry iMac G3 design, I have been seeking one thing a Macintosh of my own. I got this fulfilled when my mothers co-worker advised my mom take her iMac G4 (17" 1GHz, 1.25GB, 80GB). I fell for this chance, taking it I had finally became a Mac owner.
This was my first experience with a Mac.
Later I got a MacBook Pro, october 14th 2009.
I had finally become one of the elite up-to-date mac users.
I hope the Mac community is as happy to see me as much as I am to see them.


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Pleased to meet you, Brownies. Welcome to the club. Mull about awhile and mingle with the friendly geeks you'll meet here.

The coffee is fresh, and the donuts should be arriving shortly. Help yourself.

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Actually, the coffee is new old stock from about 1986, and the Donuts are still waiting for that Intel optimization update. Hope you still enjoy...


Sounds like a unique welcoming community. I'm sure the intel optimization is just around the corner sometime probably next june.
Just like Apple itself, which prompts a unique consumer based following group. I am sure this will be one GREAT cup of coffee and side of donuts. lol