Trying to get GBBS up and running with in Applewin.

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Trying to get GBBS up and running with in Applewin.

any good Applesoft writers in here? I am trying to edit an applesoft program , actually it's GBBS to be exact . I want to get it up and running hopefully with in Applewin. I just don't remember alot of the programming like I used to :O( . this GBBS version is very important to a friend of mine and we just want to get it up and functional so that we can play around with it and get it up to demonstrate on a Youtube video. This particular version of GBBS was a first of it's kind due to the fact that it had Touch Tone Phone capabilities that allowed a user to retrieve Messages over the phone via SAM [Software Automated Mouth] and once the user gets his/hers messages , would have the option to re-enter the BBS from there. There are so many lines of programming in this version of GBBBS that it is unreal , and to a trained person who deals alot with Applesoft would probably stand a better chance at getting it up and running.

I know that this version of GBBS ran an Applecat Modem w/212 Card and ofcourse an Apple Clock Card. So if you guys can help , that would be great. Would be awsome to see it up and emulated on Applewin.

See ya


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i'd like to look at this soft

i'd like to look at this software, anywhere i can dload it?

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