Bobo's Fun House (Help me find this game!)

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Bobo's Fun House (Help me find this game!)

Does anybody remember this game? I used to play it back in the day at school on an Apple II computer.

I've been looking for this game for years and any information would be appreciated.

There was a series of 3 games, each taking place in a department store, haunted house, and fun house. The games played similar to King's Quest where you type in a command. If I remember correctly the graphics were 2d, and in a perspective like Zelda 2 (NES), and perhaps in color. The game in question, that took place in a fun house was called "Bobo's Fun House". I used to think that that name could've been a figment of my imagination, but I recently did a google search on the title and I found that someone else remembers this title. (So I'm not crazy for remembering this name for so long.)

This is the only thing I could find on this game on the internet, a little mention of it on a thread discussing Apple II games in another forum:

"Did anyone ever play BoBo's Fun House (I think) on the Apple IIe? It was a weird game set in some kind of clown prison -- you had to escape from the fun house... I don't think I ever beat it -- I hate that *%&#@ clown."

It would help me sooo much if anyone knows anything about this game or the series of games that it came from. I suspect that it might've come from a magazine disk or was edutainment-related. The utter lack of information online about this game leads me to believe that it's either ultra obscure or "Bobo's Fun House" is some sort of alternate title. Any information at all would be nice, like what company made this game(s) or even if someone else on this forum remembers this game.

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