21st annual Apple II convention opens for registration

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21st annual Apple II convention opens for registration
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KANSAS CITY, MO -- April 12, 2010 -- KansasFest, the 21st annual convention dedicated to the Apple II computer, is now open for registration.  Users, programmers, hobbyists, and retrocomputing enthusiasts are invited to Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, from Tuesday, July 20th, 2010, through Sunday the 25th for six days and five nights of sessions, demos, announcements, contests, and camaraderie.  Veterans of the event are invited to bring a first-time attendee; by indicating the other's name on the registration form, both will receive a $25 referral rebate at the event.

The week kicks off with keynote speaker Mark Simonsen, former president of Beagle Bros Micro Software and author of many popular Apple II software programs.  Several sessions and workshops are scheduled throughout the rest of the week, including but not limited to:

-- A tutorial of Structured Applesoft, Ivan Drucker's approach to BASIC programming

-- Floppy disk drive maintenance and hardware color restoration with Tony Diaz

-- Ken Gagne's review of Macintosh games inspired by the Apple II

-- Programming with Macrosoft by Peter Neubauer

-- A closer look at the Apple III by Mike Maginnis 

-- Martin Haye's introduction to his Super-Mon utility and NakedOS

-- The latest on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad by Rob Walch of the Today in iPhone podcast

-- HackFest, an annual programming challenge open to hackers of all skill levels

What the schedule can't predict is the variety of surprise demonstrations that are a hallmark of KansasFest.  Past years have seen the release of the Sweet 16 2.0 emulator, the Apple II VGA video adapter, the prototype Apple II MP3 player, and many other announcements.  Attendees are encouraged to share their knowledge by presenting their own sessions, be it hardware, software, Apple II, or Macintosh.

Register before June 1st to secure your place at this memorable event.  Prices until that date are $365 for a double room or $435 for a single and include admission to all sessions as well as room and board.  Official KansasFest shirts are extra and optional.  To register, please visit the official Web site at http://www.kansasfest.org/

KansasFest 2010, the world's only annual Apple II conference, invites any and all Apple II and Macintosh users, fans, and friends to attend this year's "summer camp for geeks."  For photos, schedules, presentations from past year's events, and inquiries, please visit the event's Web site.

Email: kfest-help@kfest.org
Register: http://www.kansasfest.org/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kansasfest
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116990081645486