hello what kind of joysticks are called ''autofire''??

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hello what kind of joysticks are called ''autofire''??

recently,I try to created IBM PC joystick converter to apple II,but I failed.because this document tell me.auto fire joystick ciruits's reason.it usually turn off this function.I look for google.auto-fire mean gamepad??right??I use gamepad and pinout.I guess ciruits.so I failed.someone can explain it??

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Re: hello what kind of joysticks are called ''autofire''??

Some old shooter games were "button pounders" shooting exactly 1 bullet per button press, and could fire practically as fast as the button is pressed. These games were "great" for inducing repetitive-stress injures in your hands.

Auto-fire is just an oscillator circuit in the joystick/gamepad that sends out a stream of pulses on the button signal line, so you can hold down auto-fire and it sends pulses for you. Some auto-fire joysticks had a row of auto-fire buttons for slow/medium/fast pulse rates.

Auto-fire needs to get power from somewhere, and this may come from an power wire not normally used in a joystick, or is parasitically pulled from another source, or even a separate battery holder.

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