Has anyone used this?

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Has anyone used this?

Hi everyone. I have a replica 1TE, and have been using it with a PC since I got it. I would like to switch to my mac PowerBook 12" for portability (and loyalty :)). I bought this adapter off ebay, the cheapest to be found from the US.

Just got it today, installed zterm and the prolific drivers. Zterm recognizes the adapter, and I fixed all the settings (2400,8,1,n,n,n). The first time I plugged it in and pressed reset, nothing happened. I though it might be a null modem cable instead of strait through, so I put a serial cable between it and the replica. Then, as soon as I pressed reset, a bunch of Ys started slowly appearing. typing seemed to affect them, but not the replica. I plugged the serial adapter back in to the replica, the Ys keep coming, but the computer keeps restarting every second. Reset, cleared screen and the keyboard re-initializes. At first I though it's battery was dying or the 7805 was overheating, but a 400watt ATX gives the exact same result.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there a problem with a zterm setting, or did I get screwed on this cheapo cable?


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I can't comment on that speci

I can't comment on that specific cable, but I have several of the Keyspan USB to serial adapters, and they've worked flawlessly for me when connecting to Cisco gear. Last one I bought was about $20 on Amazon.

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It could be the software for

It could be the software for the cable causing the issue. as I have been reading up on USB adapters like this to use ADT Pro for my IIgs and in order to hook it up i would need a USB to RS-232 Adapter (from what i hear this USB adapter works great). Most Prolific-based adapters have these issues (not saying that yours is based off this). And thats why the seller stopped selling the Prolific models.

a few work properly and a few give you issues because of the software cant keep up with the signals and fails at the driver level or a cable issue, or it could be both a software and a cable issue.

I dont know what hardware your adapter is based on (or is just a USB to RS-232 hack job that it all wired into the USB plug). Looks like it should work, but it could be a incompatibility or a issue with the logic board inline the cable.

If i was you i would try another adapter. the link above is the one i would try

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I've had good luck with this

I've had good luck with this one, also using the prolific chipset: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812156003

However... I also had a cheap $5 one from dealextreme -- same chipset -- which caused a lot of problems for me.

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Thanks for the replies. It is

Thanks for the replies. It is a prolific, I'm not sure exactly what chipset.

Shoot, thats annoying... I couldn't justify spending $20, $5 was easier. I'm going to try the actual prolific drivers and then on a PC to make sure. I guess I can always get my money back, the china men are so concerned about feedback and dsr, you could get them to do practically anything Blum 3


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