well i recently received a powermac 7500 salagedfrom a dumpster. After a close inspection it looks in absolutely great condition, after pluging it in and turning the on button, i heard the all too familiar beep and thats as far as i get to go. Unfortuenty i have no video adapter and so i cant really use a monitor, and my keyboard and mouse are away at a different house. So, with this in mind it looks like a good find, and i may use it for 9.1 or maybe yellowdog linux and set it up as a folding box. On that note i have been tinkering with my old clamshell and am trying to load some yellow dog onto that as well. Unfortunetly i am having some major problems with the iso files and getting them onto CDs, using my main rig (windoze) i burned the isos, but the ibook wouldnt read em, so i burned the iso file to a cd-rw and threw it into my dual USB to burn it on there, after copying the file to my harddrive and seetting thing up to burn, things finnaly were looking up, i started burning the iso to a blank CDR and bang, i got an error while burning. I blame it on the iso, so i try and coppy it onto the CDR again, no luck... eh well, i'm redownloading the iso onto the mac, hopefully things will be better tommorow... i hope

-ft out