Apple IIc+ keyboard problem

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Apple IIc+ keyboard problem

Have an Apple IIC+.Works fine but the middle row of keys (ASDFGHJKL;').
when used they type out total different on screen then what you are typing.
Like if I type the A key I will get example (o)**sd.
The other rows of keys work fine( except the middle row).Any idea of what could be wrong.

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An Answer.....

There are two basic checks for this problem according to my SAMs Computerfacts; both of them require that you take the case apart.

Note: this is a SAMs IIc Computerfacts and I am not sure how much difference there is between the IIc and IIc Plus motherboards.

1. Check the Character Generator ROM chip. Remove it, clean it,
reseat it.

2. Check the cable connections on both the keyboard and the

Give both a try. Smile

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