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Rackmount Rack

I'm interested in getting a decent quality rack for my closet that would preferably attach to the wall and be around 8 feet high. Where would I get something like this (new or used), how much would it cost, or is it possible for me to make myself? (i.e. can one just by the rails needed or a kit, etc.)


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Rack rails...

I just helped a friend haul a half dozen of these into storage...radio station surplus...not for sale though...I already asked.

Sources for an assembled rack in your neighborhood might include a local ISP or broadcast facility. Check eBay for a full size rack, but the shipping might be prohibitive.

Also, here's a company that sells the raw hardware http://www.starcase.com/rack_rail_universal_online_store.asp if you're willing to construct your own case. This same company (or similar) offers full size racks as well. And you can find brand new racks from a broadcast supply company or pro audio distributor.

Good luck and good skill!

tony b.

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