IBM ThinkPad hacking: the last resort

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IBM ThinkPad hacking: the last resort

Well I've been given an IBM ThinkPad 600x with no screen backlight to fix. If I can pull this off it'll really help with paying off my eMac. Wink Anyways... I've done a lot of testing to the FL tube itself and the inverter board, and I'm quite sure its the board thats gone. So I need to find a replacement light source - which will no doubt need hacking in. Anyone got any ideas of ways to both create the light and tap into a good power source...? I'm currently thinking of getting one of those USB lamps with white LEDs in them...that should be just bright enough to light up most if not all of the screen, and then I can easily tap into the USB power supply. Anyone else got anything?

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Try for a repair....

Give repairing the inverter a go, they're fairly simple and there are excellent hints on

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