GCC Elite 21N Laser Printer

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GCC Elite 21N Laser Printer

Hello Kiddies!!

I am buying a Power Macintosh Workgroup Server 7250/120 MHz, with 64 MB RAM and a 2 GB Hard Drive. That's not really the point of our story, though...

The guy has offered to sell me a GCC Technologies GCC Elite 21N B&W Laser Printer, that he bought a month ago. It is sealed in it's box, one month old and never been opened. Prices on the web are about £800 inc. VAT but he will seel for £400 inc. delivery.

Specs for the printer can be found here - just click "Elite 21 N" under "A4 Mono Laser Printers" on the right.

My question is, should I buy it, or just get a colour inkjet?

I might like colour pictures sometimes, but I could get this and an el-cheapo Lexmark for £30?

Best Regards,


A pic can be found at http://sjharcus.50free.org/images/gcc_elite_21.JPG - since I am on a Library PC I had to take a screenshot of the DPDF he sent me, so apologies if the quality is crap.