Flat panel iMac fan illumination

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Flat panel iMac fan illumination

Hello, all!

My beloved 17" 1GHz iMac's 4x superdrive has bitten the dust, a mere month an a half after the warranty went. No, I didn't buy AppleCare. 'Salright, though. I now have 1GB of RAM, courtesy of exploratory surgery on the superdrive (replaced the factory 256 with 512.) No, an isopropyl alcohol bath of the lens did not fix burn errors in the first 400 sectors of DVDs or CDs.

But, sitting here next to me is 160GB of 7200rpm 8MB cache hard-drivey goodness. And, according to FedEx, there will be a nice, new 8x Pioneer DVR-107 drive arriving at the office tomorrow.

So there will be a second surgery on the poor bugger.

But I have this problem with blue LED light. I like it alot. And the Antec USB blue iLuminate LED light tube attached to the bottom of the LED case just isn't doing it for me anymore. Dang, wish Auravision would do a Mac USB keyboard . I can see a new mousepad in my future, though....

Anyhoo, I'm thinking of replacing the fan in the top of the dome with a blue LED fan. Mind, it won't be visible too frequently, because the display is usually in the way, but it would surely light up the desk behind with a cool blue glow at night.

After the first surgery, I learned that I have a Panaflow FBL09A fan in there. I found specs on Panasonic's site, and it's a 92mm fan with a 25mm depth. It also looks like it's only got mounting tabs on one side.

I've had recommendations for this fan which won't work as I think it's only got mounting tabs on one side, and this fan which I don't think will work because it's too deep.

Oh, right, and the original spec sheet is at if you're interested.

Any thoughts or suggestions from the Fritter experts?


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wouldnt it be easier to mount

wouldnt it be easier to mount a small blue LED (or two) inside the case above the fan (and power it off the fans connector) than to find a replacement fan that fits :? Blum 3


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