The Apple I in Europe

770 Welch Rd. Suite 154
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(415) 326-4248

Mr. Peter Vizenetz,

Enclosed is the Apple Computer, Cassette Interface, and additional 4K of memory which you have ordered. I can ship the additional unit the last week of September.

Also included are tapes of the Apple Dis-assembler, and two games, Lunar Lander and Mastermind. These may prove very attractive at the European show. Load the tapes as follows:


load E000.EFF run at E000 . Basic now has full strings.


load 800.9FF run at 9F0 . Deposit the starting locations in memory locations 44,45 (backwards, ie 44: 00 08 will dis-assemble the next twenty locations starting at location 800. Typing 'R' will dis-assemble the next twenty locations, etc.)

Lunar Lander

load 300.A00 run at 300. This is a good game.


load 300.3FF run at 300 . Try to guess a 5 digit number, digits 0-7 . "+" means right number in right location, "-" means right number in wrong location (you don't know which number).

If you have any questions or comments, please call.

I look forward to selling many Apple systems in Europe.

Respectfully yours,

Steven Jobs

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