Free 17" CRT Studio display and 6100

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Free 17" CRT Studio display and 6100

First up is a 17" CRT Apple Studio Display. -- FREE
This unit was given to me with a dead flyback. I have replaced the flyback but I have not made the adjustments on it yet. They are real simple to do I just don't have the time right now. They Apple repair guide has a very good guide on how to do make the adjustments. I am near Dallas Texas so I would be willing to arrange a meeting place to give it to ya.

Next up a 6100. -- FREE
I have no clue what the specs are. It did work at one point in time but I have not turned it on in a couple of years. I do have the HDI45-DB15 video adapter somewhere and you can have it if you want it. Again this is local only as I don't want to mess with shipping it.

I am south of Mansfield, Texas and work in Arlington, Texas. I would prefeer to meet up as finding my house can be a real pain.


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If you change your mind about

If you change your mind about shipping, I will take them both. I will pay for the shipping if you can find out what it will cost. Let me know what you think.


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