PB 5300c/ce display issues

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PB 5300c/ce display issues

I've got a perfectly working 5300c and a 5300ce parts machine. For obvious reasons, I'd like to harvest some of the parts from the ce machine and switch them out for the parts on my c machine.
I've already swapped the "huge" 1.1gb harddrive out for the 500mb in c machine. I tested the 800/600 screen from the ce machine on the c, and I found that the top inch or 1 1/2 inches of the screen is a real light white. You can still see the apple menu bar and all of that, it just looks really washed out. Any clue? I find it hard to believe that it's screen burn or anything like that, but that it's more likely a problem with the cable or inverter board? Anything that might help me with this would be appreciated, since the machine seems to work fine other than this.

When I try to swap the c screen (which, incidently, I think may be the Sharp passive-matrix screen rather than the Toshiba active that is generally on the c) onto the ce machine, I get the screen image, but it looks like a screen in an earthquake (it jiggles around a lot and as a result isn't clear). Anyone have any clue why this is happening? Is there some incompatibility between the motherboard video output on the ce (that's the 16mb video, 117mhz unit) and the c (or maybe cs?) screen?

Thanks a bunch... I'd love it if I could get two working machines here.