Selling Apple II Games?

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Selling Apple II Games?

Hello. I found this forum after a long and exhaustive search via Google and don't even know if this is the proper forum for something such as this.

I'm looking for the best way to sell all of my old Apple II games that I've rediscovered during a visit to my parents house this past holiday weekend.

I have a ton of the old Electronic Arts games (Archon, Bard's Tale Trilogy, Age of Adventureto Origin Systems (Moebius, Ultima V), Datasoft (Alternate Reality, Force 7) Activision (Little Computer People, Aliens, Portal), Sierra On-Line (Leisure Suite Larry, Space Quest)--about 80 in all.

I took pictures of everything and am thinking of listing them on Ebay. I have all the original boxes and instructions and they're in very good to excellent condition considering their age of 15-20 years old.

Do any of you know of any Apple II sites that have a sellers forum? Or is Ebay really the best route?

Many thanks in advance.

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There is a buy and sell thread here on this board.
There is also a site.."" that
has many different buy/sell areas and even a site
just for that purpose. I'm sure that some of us here
will be interested in what you have, so feel free to
post in our buy/sell thread. Good luck. You might
get a better deal on an Apple-specific site like
this one or A2 Web rather than eBay as people here
are more knowledgeable about the software for sale.

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