for sale g4 brand new g4 powerbook

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for sale g4 brand new g4 powerbook

have you got a powerbook yet? if not i think i can
i promote a site called pjelectricals and for twenty
pounds you can join a very short list a get your
powerbook for only £20.
if this is not your schene i am top of that list
because i suggested the item so i get the first
powerbook ( very good of them i thought ) when i
receive it it is up for sale for the right price
(cheaper than the shops)
my name is lee wharton
and if you do join please quote my name
lee wharton

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Calling Moderator

Can a moderator please delete this thread?

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this is called a ponzi sceme

its a scam jackass, you may get the powerbook but if i singed up i would never see one, thell probably only ever give away like 4 o well, MODERATOR, BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP

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