Wireless on a 1400--HELP!!

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Wireless on a 1400--HELP!!

OK..going to bed after this!

I have a 1400cs running 9.1. I bought a Roamabout WaveLAN wireless PC card, and I followed instructions on the WiFi on 1400's site by Derek "penmachine" Miller and it worked!...for about five minutes, until I turned it off, ejected it and put the computer away for an hour. When I plugged the card back in and turned it on, it didn't work any more.

I have tried the card in the upper and lower slots, reinstalled the driver, danced around it in the light of the pale moon, and sacrificed a goat to it and nothing seems to work.

If any one out there can help please do!!

(Otherwise, does anyone want to buy a wireless lan card cheap?