Where do I find information about the ///?


A user group is a great way to obtain more information about the
Apple ///. Members are knowledgable, ready to answer questions and
most offer PD (public domain) libraries with Apple /// software.
There is only one Apple /// user group still active:
Washing Apple Pi
/// SIG
12022 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD. 20852
(303) 984-0300
Check out WAP PD disks 3INF-01 through 15, as well as WAP01-10 for


The best place is on CompuServe, where SARAsaurs meet on board 13
of the Micronetworked Apple Users Group (MAUG) (GO APPUSER). MAUG's
Apple /// section (13) provides a fantastic forum for information
exchange, and its Data Libraries for the /// has a number of files
for downloading. (WAP PD DISK 3INF-03 offers the "Best of MAUG" for
the ///.)
Apple's EWORLD On-Line service offers some Apple /// services - Apple
// tech notes are available for download. Unforunetly, it is only
available to Mac or (soon) PC folks. (WAP is working to convert these
files to include them into our PD).


There's only one real place to go on the Internet for Apple ///
discussions - West Virginia University! Message:


and ask to be added to their Apple /// Discussion Group so you can
get other member's messages. The group here is small - BUT it is very
knowledegable and eager to help. Jeff Fritz (JFRITZ@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU)
is the Sysop. There is also an FTP site there. Goto:

[editor's note - names.wvu.edu doesn't seem to have an ftp server
anymore. However, ftp.wvu.edu/pub/apple3
seems to be the correct archive.]
One other place to go is the Apple // Discussion area, a Usenet
newsgroup on the Internet. Check out the comp.sys.apple2
board - where Apple ///ers lurk and answer questions on occasion.
This FAQ is also posted there from time to time.

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