Where can I find public domain software?

At this point in time, WAP is your best bet for PD offerings -
there are some 250+ disks. Costs for the software is minimal and the
slection is excellent (the entire library was just reorganized to
make it easier to use). There are some unique offerings along with
many of the "old standbys." You will get a better deal on PD software
by joining WAP.

Most disks are double-sided and self-booting. WAP is the only
active Apple /// group remaining, and the only one still actively
developing PD software for the Apple ///. Software is also available
on the WAP TCS - an 8 system BBS that includes a complete file
download library - offering Apple /// Programs, Information and
Essentials (members only).
On Compuserve - MAUG's Data Library contains a modest amount of Apple
/// information and PD software for downloading. Most information is
in ASCII text file format or is in an archive format using a
shareware program called DAR (Disk Archive and Retrieval) from On
Three's Bob Consorti.

The Apple /// Listserv on the Internet at West Virginia University
also offers a growing list of files for download.

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