Are there still sources for hardware and commercial software?

Yes, there are still some places we can go to obtain not only the
old-line products like Visicalc, Apple Writer, and /// EZ Pieces, but
new hardware and software that is still being developed for us.

Joe Consorti
Apple /// Products,
6303 Green Garden Drive,
Bakersfield, California 93313
(NOTE - This is a NEW Address as of 6/95)

As excellent source of software (primarily). On Three's programs
include BOS3 - the new SOS Upgrade, DAR - a disk archival and
retrieval program (shareware, Disk Directory/File Fixer /// - a
must-have repair disk. There's also Draw-On Three (a graphics
program), DeskTop Manager (a background utility). On the hardware
front, there's a 512k upgrade (limited availability), SCSI hard
disks, etc. Call for availablity. NEW PRODUCT: Driver for the Apple
// "Blue Card" that allows the /// to use any PC disk drive for
storage! Other drivers allow the /// to use the // Unidisk and

Sun Remarketing
P.O. Box 4059
150 E. 400 N
Logan, UT 84321
1-800-821-3221 (Orders only)
1-801-563-3226 (Fax)
Inet :

Sun Remarketing remains a major support organization for the Apple
/// - offering a host of products. They have a large selection of ///
commercial software and hardware (including paarts) at mostly decent

Sun also offers a nationwide service for the /// community (and you
can call them for help as well using a 900 number). Software prices
are reduced if purchased with the computer.
B&R Computer Services
PO Box 7195
San Diego, CA. 92167
(916) 225-8281

B&R Computer Services in San Diego has on hand a wide range of old
Apple /// commercial software.

(An Apple Resource Center)
1014 Central Ave.
Tracey, CA 95376

Order Number 800-753-0114
Fax Number 209-832-3270
Info Number 209-832-4300

A source of Pre-owned Apple II, IIgs, /// and Mac hardware. They seem
to buy/sell, and repair.
Here are some other sources of parts you might find useful:

COMPANY/NAME: Jameco Electronics
PHONE : 415-592-8097
ADDRESSS : 1355 Shoreway Road Belmont, CA. 94002

COMPANY/NAME: Shreve Systems
PHONE : 1-800-227-3971
ADDRESSS : 845 Lark Ave. Shreveport, LA. 71105

COMPANY/NAME: Pre-Owned Electronics
PHONE : 1-800-274-5343
ADDRESSS : 30 Clematis Ave. Waltham, MA. 02154

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