Screen saver for a Mac Classic please

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Screen saver for a Mac Classic please

Well, iam trying to install a simple screen saver for my Mac classic,Iam using my PC, to download programs for my Mac, and then using a program called "TRANSMAC",i can only copy 1.4mp file from my PC , then transfer it to my Mac.

But iam unable to succeed , to do that, and iam not able to find a free small program "screen Saver" to transfer it to my Classic.
My classic has 1MB ram, and Sys 6.08 I think.
Can anyone help , and explain to me where, if there are any programs on the net, and if there is a better way to do the file transfer .
sincerely Matthew

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If you have no other way to d

If you have no other way to do it, it is possible, with suitable precautions, to download older Mac software using a Windows/DOS machine. First off, you have to keep firmly in mind that, left to itself and without special software, using a non-Mac machine of this kind carries the risk that it may strip the resource forks from Mac files, and thereby make them useless. It is preferable far to use a Mac (OS 9 or earlier) for the download, and, even then, not to open the decoded files on a newer Mac. It is, however, safe to decode the downloaded files on a newer Mac, although it is preferable to use the older utilities Disk Copy 4.2.2, or earlier, and StuffIt 5.5, rather than DC 6.3.3 and more recent StuffIts. You will also need a Mac that can write 800kB floppies for the early SEs, but 1.4MB floppies are OK for the Classic.

To use a non-Mac machine for download, look at
Look over the Apple forum. Questions about this kind of download have been answered many times for many different contexts. By the way, if the Classic boots, you can discover with certainty which System is running, and with how much installed RAM, in Apple::About This Macintosh.


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