ZipCD USB (Possibly addled)

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ZipCD USB (Possibly addled)

I've got a project here that I'm tired of dealing with and am ready to pass on to someone with more luck...

At TCF, I picked up a pair of non-working Iomega ZipCD's (USB fullspeed, 4x4x6). One had what appeared to be a dead USB-IDE bridge while the other had multiple drive problems, so I swapped IDE bridges had put one together out of the two.

Now for the issue... it is detected by the computer (as a regular USB storage device, no less) and reads CDs fine. When I go to burn a disk, the write process starts, then the drive appears to do a total reset (all lights go out for a bit), resulting in an I/O error and a coaster. I've tried this under both Linux and Win2k with the same results.

At this point, I could take it apart again and try to troubleshoot the drive and bridge separately, but, to be honest, I have no real inclination. Rather, I'd like to pass it on to someone else and let them have the "fun".

So, anybody want to swap for some token? I'm open to lots of stuff- particularly looking for PC100/133 RAM, IDE drives >6gb, ATX case and ps., though I'm open to other offers.

FWIW, the ZipCD is complete except for the tray extension/face which would have the Iomega logo, etc. AFAIK, though, this should be a cosmetic issue only.

Thanks for reading...