Rackmounting all my macs

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Rackmounting all my macs

Yeah, so I've got about 4 computers in my room that I could combine into a nice rack and have them networked instead of being a bunch of slippery and unweildy plastic desktops. I've got my G3 BW, two LCs, a 7100, and a quadra. Does anyone have any experience rackmounting? I was thinking of taking the mother boards out of each comptuer and screwing them to a metal plate or box which will fit into a rack slot. B

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How do you want it to look?

Do you want some sort of visual symetry? Because if not, get a Marathon G Rack (http://www.marathoncomputer.com/grac.html), for the G3 and some metal panels for the LCs (just get a panel and stack the two on top of each other. Marathon, again sells rackmount chassis for Beige G3s that I'm sure you could hack the 7100 into (however, the price isn't fitting for just a 7100, in my eyes). For the Quadra and the 7100 I'd look on eBay for simple used rackmount chassis that you could put all of the guts into. All of the components on the rack won't look the same, but it could be a bit cheaper.


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Rackmounting all my macs

Check out your local computer/electronics junk stores. I have one by me that has tons of old rack cases. You could probaaly find an old rack and cases pretty cheap. They may need a paintjob but it would look cool.

Plexiglass or colored plexi is good for mounting logic boards to. You could even make some plexi rack cases and do something pretty creative with it like colors, lights, etc....

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You could also just buy some

You could also just buy some rack trays. They're simple 1U shelves and you could put a machine on each one. Not as slick as putting the innards into a rack case, but much cheaper.

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