Kevin Mitnick Keynote Recording

[table][tr][td]Fist[/td][td]Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous hackers on Earth spoke the keynote today at The Fifth HOPE. Here's the audio stream we captured of it. This file is just over 12 megs in size and is unedited, so there may be some background noise.

Go ahead and download the mp3 file.[/td][/tr][/table]

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What did you record it with?

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I grabbed this recording by standing under a very large, very loud speaker for two hours, in a standing room only area, with my iBook propped open running Sound Studio on OS 10.3. What do you think I did, get an official feed Wink

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Thanks for making this. I've never been to a computer/hacker confrence, so it's nice to have these recordings. I was asking about how you recorded it because I wanted to know if you had considered encoding it as Vorbis, since the MP3 compression does affect audio quality.

You should have asked the sound board operator (me)... We had a press box setup such that up to 16 people were able to plug in and record any of the talks direct from the sound board.

Hopefully the official, higher quality, recordings will be out much faster this year than in years past (1-2 weeks we've been told).

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Hacker Cons rock. ax0n and I have been to three or four DefCons so far, I think. They tend to run together when you spend your time lugging your SE/30s (ax0n and I) running BSD to the LAN area, swimming in swimming pools with a couple hundred pounds of dry ice dumped in while doing the sing-along to the guy jamming NiN on an accordian, staying up all night in the Moloch crew's hotel room drinking and listening to someone dj tracks on a laptop, winning a "borrowed" hotel/casino security camera in Hacker Jeopardy for knowing the name of the Amiga expansion bus (Zorro) and all kinds of other crazy stuff. Hacker Cons are much more fun in the un-official events than the actual Con. The con really gives everyone an excuse to get together in one place and have a huge geek fest.

Wow the recordings in only a few weeks, that is excellent! I was unable to make it to the hope conferences so I love to listen to the recordings. Thanks for the hard work