eMac Problems

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eMac Problems

I just recently had a couple of problems with my eMac. It has never given me ANY kind of trouble before, but earlier today I was opening my documents folder when my all of the folders that are shown when you click on the home icon disappeared, then all the programs I had open quit. So I decided to restart the computer thinking that it was just a little glitch, but when I tried to restart the machine it sat at the Mac OS X apple screen with the little wheel spinning for about 30 minutes before loading the login screen. When I logged on everything was gone as if OS X had been fresh installed, all of the programs displayed the copyrights to them when I opened them, thankfully I had all my documents on a burned cd, but when I inserted the cd, the cd-drive made a awful lot of noise and was really loud, then it ejected the cd, so I tried different cds to see if it was just that one, but it did it to all of the others I tried, so I have came to the conclusion that the cd-drive has stopped, after restarting over and over. So I was wondering if this is the case, if it has happened before to anybody else, and if it is the cd-drive, would it be necessary to buy a emac drive and open up the case and put it in, or just buy an external drive that can be used as the main optical drive?