FS/T Duo Keyboard and Syquest EZ135 Drive

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FS/T Duo Keyboard and Syquest EZ135 Drive

I have a keyboard removed from a Duo (I took this out of an used Duo 230, but it fits all models from 210-2300c). I do not know what revision it is, and I know the early ones had some problems, but this keyboard is working fine. I used it in my Duo and confirmed that all the keys worked. I'll guarantee a no DOA. Make me an offer... or a trade... we can work something out

I also have a Syquest EZ135 drive that I used with my PB 5300. It's an SCSI drive, with the extra SCSI port on the back, so you can either terminate the connection via the switch or connect another SCSI device to it. Power adapter included and five (5) (just think, that's 675mbs of storage! Golly!) disks. Each disk is 135mb. Works great; I just don't have an use for it. Make me an offer... or a trade.

I'd like to see a few bucks out of each... but heck... if you have some fun Mac things I can't live without, make me a trade.

Shipping from Ohio 43212

All the best Tom

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I would be interested in th EZ-135, How about $10.00 for the drive and $2.00 a cart $20.00 total.


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Data Transfer From EZ 135

If either of you has that EZ 135 would you like to make a little money with it?

I have an old EZ 135 cartridge and I would like very much to get the contents back off of it. If you're able and willing to negotiate an arrangement, please email me at asghd1@uaa.alaska.edu with EZ135 in the subject.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

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the Duo Keyboard

If you've got that Duo keyboard still, I'd be interested, I have kinda an unoffical hobby with Duos, my current workhorse Duo has a short somewhere, many of the keys are only functional if the caps lock is on, it'd be nice to not have to do that anymore, what are you looking to trade for, or what kind of money are you asking?

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