Quadra 7100b now a G3

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Quadra 7100b now a G3

Quick update on my (relatively) recent hack, described here:


I have since completed the following upgrades/procedures;

(1) Swapped out HPV PDS video card for a MacPicasso 340 NuBus video card.

Card is much faster -- esp with VillageTronic Quickdraw accelerator extension. I needed a NuBus card because I wanted to put in a G3 card. (Using the pass-through and keeping the HPV card was not an option, because the Quadra 700 case is not tall enough to accommodate the HPV card when it's installed that way.)

(2) Installed Sonnet 266MHz G3 card in PDS slot. This sucker really screams now. Amazing!

(3) Swapped out fast but noisy Seagate 2GB Barracuda drive for quieter Apple 500MB drive. With the G3 card and video card speeding things up, I notice no difference in speed. And I don't plan any video work or other HD-intensive uses.

(4) Upgraded from OS 8.1 to OS 8.6.

8.6 was on the 500MB drive already. I'm sure it too contributes to the speed boost, given that it has much more PPC-native code than 8.1.

(5) Hooked up the floppy drive.

Pleasant surprise here -- no need to snip any wires on the floppy cable in order to get it to work (as you have to do with a Takky CC).

Okay, folks, thanks for listening.

If anyone wants to buy that Barracuda cheap -- or a flexi-passthrough cable to connect a G3 NuBus card to an HPV or AV PDS card -- let me know. I've also got the HPV card, for that matter, if anyone wants it.