Macs and networking hardware

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Macs and networking hardware

Everything works unless noted.


Classic II - 10MB RAM, 80MB HD, makes whistling noise - $10

PB 145 - ravaged, missing HD, floppy, and battery. Plastics around screen are shot and it won't turn on at all but has good screen and keyboard. $5

PB 160 - also won't turn on, missing battery. Plastics are in good shape, but missing the back cover. 80MB HD. $10 for good parts!

SE 4/80 - case has some weird yellowing on one side and the motherboard is really flaky from being wet, but it works most of the time. $10

IIgs - a little yellow and scratched in a few places. I have no idea about the specs on this thing.. it looks pretty much stock. $5

LC475 - stripped of everything except floppy and motherboard. I'm pretty sure it works, but it has "Doesn't work" written on the case. $5

3Com SuperStack 12 Port 10Base-T hub - works great, been using it for 3 years without a problem. $20

D-Link 10/100 14 Port Switch - works, but for some reason network speed is very slow. It looks brand new, however, and comes in the original box. There's 2 100Base-TX ports and 12 10Base-T ports. $15

LC-PDS ethernet cards - AFAIK these are all working. I have 8 of them for $40 shipped or $7 each.

PM or email me at sburden at gwtc dot net if you're interested.