Anyone From Boston?

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Anyone From Boston?

I was wondering if anyone in here is from or around the Boston area. the reason being I wanted to start up a Boston Mac Hackers Group. It would be a place where Mac heads could converge and share ideas and swap info on hacks and projects and get together for some good times. Initial thoughts would be a monthly meeting, maybe a news letter and I would love to integrate it with Applefritter using the blogs and image gallery. heck who knows if it works out then maybe there could be a Cali group or NY we could start a new type of MUG specifically for hacks. I don't know. maybe I just want to be a part of something fresh and new instead of joining a MUG already in place but i think it could work and be cool. Let me know. please give input and ideas. I really want to make this work.

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I _used_ to be from Boston...

I _used_ to be from Boston. The North Shore/Cape Ann, actually...

Sounds like a neat idea, and I'd join up in a heartbeat if I were still in the area. Good luck finding interested folks! There aren't that many of us out there...


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i live in manchester NH, not

i live in manchester NH, not really boston though Beee

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Woah , another New Hampshire

Woah , another New Hampshire person . I'm right next door in Auburn Smile

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