A few Powermac 8600 questions

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A few Powermac 8600 questions

I was wondering a few things about the powermac 8600 I got today :

Can I use a pci graphics card or can I only use the crappy on board. I'm pretty sure I can use a pci graphics card but wanted to check first.

Where can I find a guide to flashing a older graphics card . And can anyone recommend a graphics card to flash witha dvd decoder.

Will pc66 ram work with it ?

Should I try to find a MachV motherboard since the one I have has the 200mhz processor.


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Yes, you can use a pci graphics card with it. PC Radeon 7000s are relatively easy to flash. I think they have a DVD decoder onboard. I'm not sure.

PC66 ram will not work with the 8600.

If you have a Mach 5 processor daughterboard, then you'll need a Mach 5 board to go with it. Otherwise, I see no reason.

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flashed R7K and DVD . . .

may not play nice together. I had lots of issues with an flashed 64MB R7K in a B+W playing DVDs under 9.2.2 and X.3.x. Mostly it didn't work, but even when it did it was jerky, with artifacts and dropped frames and other problems. The exact same setups though worked great with a Radeon Mac Edition (RME, the original Radeon 32MB jobbie.)

The R7K worked fine otherwise, QE, games, etc. all had no problems. However, for what you've got I'd really suggest looking for a RME, prices are down under $50 and it's alot of card for an old PCI PowerMac. Plus it's fully supported under OSes 8.x through X.3.

Dan K

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