PCI Video Card Support for Panther?

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PCI Video Card Support for Panther?

i have recently upgraded from Jaguar (10.2.8) to Panther (10.3.5). I have run into a problem (which i am reading alot of other people are experiencing as well) with my PCI video card for my second monitor. Seems my card is not supported by Panther.

The card i'm referencing is an ATI Rage 3D Pro XClaim PCI video card. i think it may have around 16 MB in it.

Does anyone know of either a) something i can do to get this card to work, so i don't have to buy another one. OR b) what card can i buy (that won't cost an arm and a leg) to get my dual screens working again.

i'm running a g4 450 with 768RAM...

thanks for any help you can throw this way. I have read some articles about "Flashing" and PC card to a Mac...but not sure "Flashing" is or how to do it. Also heard i should downgrade back to 10.2.8... :coolmac:

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I've got 5 ATI Rage 3D Pro XC

I've got 5 ATI Rage 3D Pro XClaim VR PCI video cards in various Blue and White Powermacs that all work fine in 10.3.4 and above. In 10.3 and 10.3.2, you only get 16 colors. Maybe the VR makes a difference?

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PCI video card support in Panther.

Why not post your question more directly in the subject?

IE: WHAT PCI video cards have people been able to use with Panther?

It might catch a few more eyes...


I've had luck with a Radeon Mac Edition, and a Radeon 7000.
I belive the 7000 can be had on eBay for around $70.

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As far as I know, Rage Pro's

As far as I know, Rage Pro's never had more then 8MB of VRAM. The Rage128 was the first ATI card to have 16MB on it. And it works fine in 10.3, as well as the Radeon Mac Edtion (original), Radeon 7000 (also called Radeon VE), and the Radeon 9200.

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PCI card Radeon 9100

I have been using the Rage128 which was stock in my B&W G3 400 MHZ 512 MB. The picture quality is decent, but screen movement a bit jerky on OS 10.1-10.3.3.

I wanted to really overhaul the machine inexpensively last month; I installed a G4 600 MHZ and a new PCI vide card. I bought a 64 MB Radeon 9100 PCI from Shentech, which arrived in just a couple of days. Flashing new firmware in OS 9 took only a minute on my 8600. Dropped in the B&W and its worked great from the start. Screen redraws are much faster, no GUI lag!

The new card has made quite a difference, I definately recommend a more recent video card, at least a Rage128. Flashing is also a much less expensive option.

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