Blue LEDs

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Blue LEDs

I lucked into a number of Blue LEDs for a really good price, and since I have more than I need I thought I would sell some here if there's any interest.

5mm, pretty bright, and I tested a couple off an ADB power line, but' if you plan to use them with a 5v line for more than a little while you probably want to pick some resistors (I was told the LEDs were rated up to 30mA, and need 2.8 to 3.8 volts)

I'm thinking somewhere around $15 for 10, which is a about half what they cost at allelectronics, and about a third of what radio shack wants for them.

If you'd like to buy some (at least 10) email me at
Please don't IM me since I'm offering these at a couple other places.