FS: PM G4 Digital Audio

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FS: PM G4 Digital Audio

Hey all. I'm new to these boards, so please forgive me if I make etiquette mistakes. I have enjoyed reading about the hacks and mods you guys have done on AppleFritter though, which is why I'm offering this computer here, first.

I have a PowerMac G4 Digital Audio that I want to sell, not trade. I bought this computer off of ebay last October, and went to town upgrading it. It has worked great for months.

*First, the Bad News*: The machine has been giving me problems this week beyond my simple brain's ability to fix (if you want details, see below). So, I've removed all the upgrades, which seems to have re-stabilized it, and am offering it all up for sale.

*Now, the Good News*: Here are the specs on the machine:
PM G4 Digital Audio @ 733 MHz
133 MHz system bus
256 MB Ram + (256 MB upgrade) = 512 MB ram
60 GB HD
250 MB Zip Drive
CDRW Drive
Apple black keyboard and optical mouse
+ (SCSI port PCI card upgrade)
+ (5 port USB 2 PCI card upgrade)
+ (Sony DRU 510A DVD±RW/CD-RW upgrade)
OS 9.2 / X.2.8

I had removed the CDRW to put in the Sony drive and used a hacked driver found on www.xlr8yourmac.com , but the original CDRW is back in the tower now. I would send the Sony drive in it's own box, along with the (now pulled) USB PCI card and Ram stick (the SCSI PCI card is still in the tower). I spent a total of about $1100 on it all 10 months ago. I'm asking for $850 + shipping. If you are serious about buying it, send me an email to: gregador at yahoo dot com .

*The skinny on the Bad*: Mac was generating many freeze-ups and restarts. 1st thought: software conflict. Went through everything, even re-initialized drive and re-installed = still freezes. 2nd thought: bad HD. Bought new HD, re-install = still freezes. 3rd thought: bad upgrades? Pulled em all, re-initialized original HD, going good! Tried re-installing DVD burner, and wouldn't recognize drive's existence. Put CDRW back in = recognizes it fine. Put the darn thing up for sale.

Thanks for looking!