Cheap geek pimpin' bling-bling

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Cheap geek pimpin' bling-bling

Just an FYI, posted with no affiliation to the vendor.

2CoolTech, an online pee-cee store with various heat sinks, thermal compounds, lighting and other bling-bling is going out of business and offering their stock at 50% off.

I just blew through $50 USD for some goodies. Lots of stuff for tricking out Macs or PCs. I bought a blue cold-cathode for my G3.;)

* An amusing note; they have a dedicated Mac section, containing: A Fan.

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Geek Bling Bling immediately

Geek Bling Bling immediately conjures up thoughts of this...

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I just bought a set of straps to carry my PC with from them.

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