Mystic is down

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Mystic is down

I just built my Mystic. I copied the enabler down and it booted fine into 7.1. But it was time to upgrade the tiny drive and I'm an all or nothing type so I replaced it with one that was already formatted for HFS.

Apparently I don't have any 7.1 floppies so I put my 7.0.1 floppy in and it told me I could not use the installer.

So I figured 7.0.1 doesn't work on a 575 board but 8.0 should. So I pop in my 8.0 external CD and it comes up and says "Welcome to Macintosh" and then "a system bus error has occured ... try disabling extensions." I disabled extensions and rebooted but got another system bus error.

Next I found my 7.1 startup/emergency disk and popped it in and was able to boot up. Man that sucker boots fast wiithout an OS. I could see the hard drive so I know that works. I copied the floppy to the hard drive and now it boots in about three seconds. The problem is I can't do anything since there's no OS. All I have is a three utilities.

Anyway, I thought someone may have encountered this problem. In the meantime, I'm trying to locate 7.1 which is apparently still commercial software although it is no longer sold. I don't have an external drive setup so I can't copy the old system folder. So I'm pretty much stuck. Ideas?

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Is the drive you installed te

Is the drive you installed terminated?

Since you don't have an external drive case, you could temporarily use the CD drives case. The hard drive and CD mechanisms should have the same connectpr on the mechanisms themselves.
Another option would be to try downloading 7.5 from Apple


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The drive that you put in the CC probably has a driver from the future. Wipe the drive with the 7.0 boot disc and *then* update the driver from the 7.0 utility. Make sure you got that enabler handy when you install 7.1.

That's my guess.


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