RAYLINK 802.11 WHAT@!#$#!

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RAYLINK 802.11 WHAT@!#$#!

Ok i'm currently attending college at morrisville university in upstate new york, supposedly americas most wired campus. well their campus wide wireless network uses something called raylink, which is an old military designed wireless 802.11 but it is not 802.11 a b or g, just 802.11, i think it was called FHSB or something, but it's frequency hopping. They sell the raylink laptop style PC cards, and a usb adapter for a desktop. I use a g4 ibook. the raylink cards, with the usb adapter, will not work with mac at all. the problem is, as far as i've been able to see, nothing else is compatable with this raylink stuff. right now in order to get on the internet i have to hardwire. when i first came i used another windows desktop, put it on the internet with the raylink, and shared it's internet connection with my wireless g linksys, which put my ibook online (airport extreme). but the windows gave me nothing but problems and eventually died. anyone know any options for this?? please share!