Replacing PB G4 667 display...

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Replacing PB G4 667 display...

Hi all, newbie to the forum...

I have a damaged LCD on my 667 TiBook and I have opted to buy a used display intact off ebay. I've only been seeing auctions for 400/500 mhz displays and I'm wary of buying one unless I can be assured they will be compatible. The sellers I've encountered can't say one way or the other. Any ideas?

thanks much,

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You can use a pre-DVI display on any TiBook,

but since rez is of course fixed, they'll only do 1152x on whatever 'Book used.

1280x DVI LCDs should probably only be used with DVI models though they do work on pre-DVI 'Books. They only show 1152x rez, with 128 pixels of odd static-like artifacts at right edge and repeated pixels from the top at the bottom edge. Looks a bit weird.

dan k

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