Finished the 640x480 upgrade. Some notes.

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Finished the 640x480 upgrade. Some notes.

Since I'm waiting to get some 7.1 disks, and I can't use my CC because I put a new drive in it, I decided to perform the 640x480 upgrade last night.

The whole procedure went splendid. Thanks for documenting this on your web, Stuart! I was amazed as to how easy it was to snap apart everything inside the CC like a snap-fit model. Fonts look a little small after the upgrade but the desktop is huge. I have some barrel distortion so I'm going to have to try replacing a cap (there's already a cap at CL26).

Some thoughts for the future:

Mark all the connectors with a marker before you unhook. Makes things easier.

Instead of cutting the trace to pin 25, or cutting the cable, which some folks have had trouble with, I simple desoldered the pin. You might consider this if you have decent soldering skills. Worked like a champ.

If you choose to use a Dremel to isolate pin 8 of the transformer, remember to go light. You can cut all the way through the board if you're not careful. Luckily I didn't cut all the way through mine. Guess I should be a dentist.

Before the upgrade I tried installing OS 8.0, it would not install, giving me a "system bus error, try disabling extensions." After I did the VGA mod, OS 8 had no problems. I rebooted several times to make sure. But of course OS 8 is a downgrade and I don't have enough RAM (requires 12) to install it anyway so I'm still looking for those 7.1 disks.

Note to self: next time you put a drive in, pull the analog board, much easier on the hands.

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How did you install 8.0...

How did you install 8.0 without a cd-rom drive? Can I use OS 8.0 or 8.1 withot the mod?

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What I did (not the author of

What I did (not the author of this post though, and it is rather involved if you don't have a second mac, like myself) was an installation of OS 7.5 from floppy (took a while) and then creating a network (my other computers are a Windows and Linux machines) with the Windows computer via Dave Software. Then running a Mac emulator to Stuff the OS 8 installation files and sending them to the Color Classic via the network connection. If you have a second mac, it will be a lot easier as you could set up an AppleTalk network connection or a TCP/IP connection and transfering files via FTP ...

Depends on the logic board you're using. If it's the stock board, then no, as it is too slow and doesn't have the ability to support the necessary Ram (at least 12 MB). If you have an LC575 board, you could use the ResEdit Hack and use OS 8 with 512x384 screen resolution (just look at under the mystic upgrade)

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