by Mark Fisher

DG-1 - front

This hack was my first effort. A few years ago, I had been waiting for months for Apple to send me a replacement 6100 motherboard. Finally it arrived, and then the next day, so did another. I decided to keep the second and try to make a working computer from it. I doctored up a PC power supply a little and robbed parts from various dead Macs and crammed it all into a Megatech Electric Dynamometer case (thanks Greg). Much to my amazement it worked and it was my main computer for a couple of years. There is a floppy drive that comes out the side, but no CD ROM. Instead of LEDs for drive activity, I set it up so the needles on the dials flicker. The big black circle on the front is the fan.

DG-1 - guts

It's a bit hard to see everything on the inside. The big silver rectangle on the right is the 6100 AV module. I have this computer hooked up to an HP SCSI tower with CD ROM drive, CD burner and an HP rewriteable optical disk drive, so now I use the computer for burning and making back ups to the optical drive.

DG-1 - overview

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