Tam for sale with accessories 09/2004

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Tam for sale with accessories 09/2004

I've a complete TAM that is currently in use. Operating with a g3/400 card and 96mb ram and original hd (2gb). It has never had the buzz, thankfully. I have all the original kit in additional to these accessories....
sonic comslot ii ethernet card,
3 port usb card, spare fat back,
scsi zip100 drive (painted metalic green to match),
G3 upgrade,
extra ram, and a
usb ethernet adapter -brand smc (with hacked driver to allow it to work with OS 9).
I also have the stingray black track ball and a 5 gb drive which I have used in the Tam but not currently in use and a new clock battery
and, if the new cat hasn't ran off with it, a spare remote control.

All items mentioned will be included it with kit.

Whole kit ships in original boxes, for first 800$ plus shipping and escrow fees. I will only work with escrow for something this big. If you are anywhere near Chattanooga, Atlanta, Huntsville, AL areas I will meet you half way.


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