613AV+ or . . .

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613AV+ or . . .



. . . 6513AV/G3 AIO+ dunno which way to go?

6513AV/G3_vs_575 (size comparison)

I'll make up an album a/o make smaller shots for the direct links.

Whatcha think? That's my idea of what a MacTV or an AV AIO oughta look like. No, they're not Apple Powered Speakers, they're Altec Lansing "lookalikes" because the RugRat's got the Apple logoed speakers at college.

Check the comparison shot with a 575, both seen from pillow height. The $4 AppleColor High Resolution RGB Monitor I nabbed at the thrift store Monday didn't even last a week . . .

jt :ebc:

edit: I resized the pics/added more:

6513AV_w/o Side Panel
6513AV_w/Side Panel (rough fitting)

I'll add more pics and make up an album at a late . . .


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Looks nice. :macos:

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Just thought id add something

Just thought id add something useless... HOW GOOD are those Altec Lansing speakers?! I bought me some on sale for only $20 a few years ago and I was positively stunned at their performance... pity they dont make em anymore... not that i really care, what with my shiny new VS4121s and all... Blum 3 enough rant. Need coffee.

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front bezel mod . . .

. . . the rough profiling has been completed on the hybrid front bezel:

6513AV_roughed out_0 (note thinner profile of FDD slot on one side)
6513AV_hybridization_0-1 (first & second stages of bezel modification)
6513AV_hybrid_bezel_1 (bondo/filler to be added next?)

I kinda like that "brushed al/logo" with rainbow edges! :ebc:

jt Wink

p.s. The AL speakers sound great, but I got a pair that sounds better, so these are free to be painted to match the "AIO" hack.

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I really prefer the 5xx case

I really prefer the 5xx case style over the 5xxx style, so you're twinging my "Oooh, aaah!" strings here. Acute I also ended up with the combo rainbow/brushed metal look logo on the PB165 I used for a Krylon Fusion testbed. I just sanded the case w/o pulling the Apple logo and liked the "new ringed by old" logo look.

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