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Lisa 2/10

I have a Lisa 2/10 for sale. It has 2 MB of RAM, the parallel port for the external ProFile drive, and a keyboard. Unfortunately it doesn't have the mouse anymore. I might have it squirreled away in one of my boxes in the basement, but I can't promise it.
It doesn't boot up properly anymore. The screen has some odd diagonal lines running through it and I get three chimes. When I last had it running (about 7 years ago) it was in running in Mac XL mode.
I have ALL of the original Lisa disks, documentation, and Lisa Pascal development environment.
As a result, this is one heavy shipment. The box of documentation and disks is at least 20 pounds by itself! I'll deliver to just about any address in the Northern Virginia area (Loudoun County and surrounding territories) as long as you provide the ibuprofen for my aching back (grin). If you're beyond that range, I'll have to bring it to one of those UPS stores and have them box it up properly so it won't get damaged in shipment. I have no idea what they'd charge you, but I'll try and get an estimate for you once I get your zip code.
P.S. I also have an IMSAI 8080 and external 5 1/4 floppy drive and documentation.

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I'm interested...How much?

I'm interested...How much?

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$500 for the Lisa (not including shipping or ibuprofen) and $100 for the IMSAI (same disclaimer).
--- TWriter

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More info

I actually dug out the Lisa and the IMSAI and now have a complete list of info on them. Plus I took photos in case anyone is interested.

IMSAI PCS 80 (not an 8080 as I thought previously)
S-100 bus. Six open slots. 5 cards installed
What appears to be:
* Video controller
* Serial card (two ports)
* Floppy drive controller
* RAM card
* CPU card
serial number 1 010230

Lisa 2/10 (aka Mac XL)
* 10 MB hard drive
* 2 MB RAM
* Parallel Card

Lisa 2 Owner's Guide (in original cardboard book sleeve)

Lisa Office System diskette binder (in original cardboard book sleeve)
* Lisa Pascal Workshop, disks 1-9
* Lisa Office System, disks 1-5 (disks 1-4 have hand-printed labels)
* Lisa Applications disks:
- LisaWrite 1 (hand labelled)
- LisaWrite 2
- LisaTerminal
- LisaList
- LisaCalc
- LisaGraph
- LisaDraw
- LisaProject (hand labelled)

Lisa 7/7 Office Docs (8 books)
In original hard book sleeve (perfect)
* Lisa Office System
* Lisa Calc
* Lisa Draw
* Lisa Graph (still in shrink wrap!)
* LisaList
* LisaProject
* LisaTerminal
* LisaWrite

Macintosh XL Docs (3 books)
* Macintosh XL MacWorks XL
* MacWorks
* MacWrite

Inside Macintosh (2 binders)
* Volume 1 of 2
* Volume 2 of 2
(A note inside says that the earlier version used 3 binders)

Lisa Pascal 2.0 (3 binders)
* Lisa Pascal 2.0 Languages
* Lisa Pascal 2.0 Systems Software
* Lisa Pascal 2.0 Workshop User's Guide

Lisa Pascal Workshop 3.0 (3 books,)
In original hard book sleeve (broken)
* Lisa Systems Software
* Lisa Language
* Lisa Workshop User's Guide

Mac Forth documentation
* Level one book
* Level two book
* Level two binder

Misc books
* Macintosh Revealed: Volume 1: Unlocking the Toolbox (by Stephen Chernicoff)
* Macintosh Revealed: Volume 2: Programming with the Toolbox (by Stephen Chernicoff)
* The Apple Macintosh Book (by Cary Lu)
* A Macintosh brochure ( 8 pages including two flyleafs)
* LisaTalk Report (Sample Issue)
* LisaTalk Report (Spring 1986)

Misc Disks
* MacWorks XL (two disks)
* MacWorks XL System Disk
* Macintosh System Disk
* Switcher
* A Guided Tour of Macintosh
* MacWrite * MacPaint: A Guided Tour
* MacWrite * MacPaint
* Macintosh Pascal

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