powerbook 3500 "kanga" with pb 3400 video chip?

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powerbook 3500 "kanga" with pb 3400 video chip?

hi, this may not be the right forum to post this but here it goes. does anyone have any info regarding early kangas having the video chips from 3400's ? under apple system profiler it states 1) Model: powerbook g3, proc. g3, 512k L2
the correct machine id and what not, however under video it states: chip 65550 not 65554. any help would be appreciated.

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The chips and technologies 6555x series was very commonly used in laptops both mac and PC for years. in fact PC's had them long after Apple started using accelerated video chips from ATI.

Unfortunately, the 65554 has a 64 bit memory bus, and not a 32 bit bus like the previous generations, so it's not pin compatible. However, other than fill rate for drawing pixels, there is very little difference and it should not be considered a hardware accelerator. The only thing it can do that *might* fall under that category is hardware scaling and page flipping.

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