Picture frame with sound clip

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Picture frame with sound clip

I want to build a picture frame, or just the small sound component for it, actually.
What I'm thinking of is kind of like the toy wall-mounted fish where you push the button and it plays a song while the fish sings it. Well what I want to do is have a movie poster in the frame and push a small button at the bottom of the frame and play a sound clip from that movie.

Any ideas on how to make that?

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Cheap or spendy? Oh the ch

Cheap or spendy?

Oh the cheap, I'd say hack a keyboard or game controller and use a script to process keypresses and play appropriate clips. Advantage: cheap kbd can be used w/ cheap computer. Disadvantage: much hack time and modification.

On the spendy: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/powermate/ Advantage: easily programmed, easy to use, just mount on frame and write script. Disadvantage: ~$40 and USB, so it needs a USB machine to work.

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sound only?

why not just buy one of those $5 greeting card thingys that let you record a snippet for playback by the card's recipient? That wouldn't take much hacking to do what you want, nor would it take much of a bite out of yer budget.

If that's too low-fi, I'm certain there're other similar devices with higher-fi . . .

dan k

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I once saw an article somewhe

I once saw an article somewhere on hacking that stupid Billy Big Mouth or whatever the hell the fish was called. Someone managed to interface it with a PC and have it speak text. Try Googling for it.

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