Video Mirroring On Startup?

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Video Mirroring On Startup?

Is there a way to make a monitor-less Beige G3 DT automatically mirror the video thru the AV Personality card on startup in OS 9.2.2?


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video mirroring


I'm a little confused by your question. Do you want the headless G3 to output its video somewhere else? Could you be a bit more detailed in your question?


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I don't know if the Beige G3

I don't know if the Beige G3 supports using the AV Personality Card as a monitor system. I have a Quadra 840AV and it's not technically "mirroring" since if no monitor is attached to the internal video port the port is disabled.

The AV system is technically a unique and seperate video system. The only way you have video mirroring is when one video system has multiple video out ports. Most AV cards although they can broadcast the main system video aren't considered as such.

On newer versions of Mac OS, I believe you have to go into the "Apple Extras" folder and look for the old Monitors control panel which has the option to: "Upon restart display the Macintosh on a TV Screen" or something to that effect. Once you select that option, you are told to disconnect the Monitor after shutting the system down and hook up a TV to the AV port.

As long as your PRAM battery is good the setting should keep when you restart. That is if the Beige G3 supports it.

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Heh... we were talking about

Heh... we were talking about this last night. I'll clarify for Wallstreet's sake:

He has a beige G3 desktop with the AV Personality card, which provides three ways to get video out of the computer - the Mac monitor port, S-Vid out, and Composite out. What he wants to do is hook the G3 up to a TV using S or Composite and have the TV always be the main monitor, be it via mirroring or spanning with the TV set as the primary monitor.

Now, on my G3 AIO, I tried that, and every time I restarted, it cut the vid. output until it got to the desktop, at which point I had to go in and turn on output to the TV in the control strip...

Any ideas? Did that clarify things??

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I wonder if one could write an Applescript to enable TV output and drop it in the Startup Items folder. Then one could start up the Mac with no monitor, and as the computer finished booting, the video would appear on the TV.

The only other foolproof way I can think of is to get a VGA to NTSC converter and hook it up to the monitor port on the Mac. Then it would really be using the TV as its monitor.


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Any solution?

I was just trying to do this very thing.

Has anyone found a solution to get the composite out working upon startup on the Beige G3 with AV Personality card?


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Dumb question....

If you connect a Mac-VGA adapter to the video port it will think a monitor is connected, even if there is not one attatched.

If it were set to mirror video to the composite/SVideo connector and the adapter were connected to the video port, would this not work?

NOTE: While I do have G3s with A/V modules, none of them will boot into MacOS 9 to test this.....

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