Well time to move on.

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Well time to move on.

Today I learned a lot about the true financial situation of the company that I work for. I must say that things look grim and I doubt that the company will make it through the rest of the year.

I am really apprehensive about the whole process as I have not looked for a job in over 3 years. Most of my searching skills have gotten rusty. Today I set up a profile on Monster.com and submitted to about 10 positions. I doubt that any thing will come of them.

If anyone has any tips I am willing to hear them.

If someone in the Dallas is looking for a experienced PC and Network guy please let me know.

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My two cents on job search...

The best move you've made is to start your search NOW rather than wait. It really is easier to get a gig when you got a gig!

Adjust your resume to suit the position for which you are applying on Monster. Emphasize skills or accomplishments related to the advertised opening. It doesn't take a whole lot of time to add/delete/move things around on a word document. I can say with certainty that it has lead to callbacks for me because I was able to tailor the resume quickly to the position available. (I'm not talking about lying about your qualifications...again, I am advocating changing the emphasis to skills and accomplishements related to the advertised opening.)

Be diligent about checking Monster for new openings.

Also, network with your suppliers and your clients! The best job leads I got came from an inside sales rep with one of our service contractors. His department works with people around the world doing essentially the same job for their companies as I do for mine. And that's EXACTLY how I phrased it when I asked him..."do you know of any companies that need someone like me to do for them what I'm doing now for my current company?" Turns out, he did. Haven't found a perfect match, but it was a valuable piece of information.

Network with your friends! Also, use your college or technical school placement office or alumni office as a resource.

Do you have a second job, or a hobby that you can turn into a business and a steady stream of income?

My company is struggling and cut back my hours to part time (and no benefits!). I have a small business and a weekend part time job to fall back on, but I started looking around earlier this year because neither the business nor the weekend gig will grow into something to support me, at least not right away. However, they pay the bills (including my individual health insurance policy) and I haven't had to dip into my savings to survive.

Good luck and good skill!

tony b.

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