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Amazon customer service

Simply put, I'm impressed with Amazon's customer service.

In late September, I ordered a copy of the Star Trek: Generations collector's edition DVD, and a Viking 128MB CF card for my camera. They shipped last week (the DVD was what caused the delay), but when I received the package yesterday afternoon, the CF card wasn't in it. On the packing list, though, it said that the CF should have been included and that the shipment had completed my order.

So I Googled for Amazon's phone number (because there's no option on their Web site for what to do if they forget to send you something), and gave them a call at about 5:00 last night. The guy I talked to was understanding and said that the card "would get shipped out tomorrow."

I checked on Amazon's site, and to my surprise, not only did the card ship yesterday, but I'm scheduled to receive it this morning. They actually overnighted it! Considering how expensive overnight UPS shipping is, I'm surprised they did it for a $20 flash card.

I'm impressed. I was pissed that they forgot to pack something that was obvious on the invoice, but how they dealt with the situation has restored my faith.

For those who need it, Amazon's customer service number is 1-800-201-7575. I waited no more than 10 seconds to get connected to an actual human.

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Glad to hear it's worked out

Glad to hear it's worked out well! That is the stuff that makes a company successful. If you piss off your customers becuase of your own errors, it's a death knell. Everyone makes mistakes at times, but at least Amazon is good at fixing them.

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Not surprised...

Tool Crib is their power tool subsidiary and I've heard a number of good things from some furniture-making friends regarding their level of service as well.

None-the-less, it's still nice to hear, and your endorsement in print is EXACTLY the reward the good companies deserve.

tony b.

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