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$1 DVD's...

So, the wife and I are wandering around the Dollar Tree in Cedar Hill today looking at all the things we could get for a dollar. Some things we don't really need, but it's only a dollar, so we think about it. In the end, we decide to leave empty handed, and on our way out the door, we see a coupla Halloween CD's in simple cardboard envelopes. I never pass up an opportunity to look at halloween stuff, so we glance. I see one that might be cool, but I'm not going to stand in that line for a $1.08 purchase. Then, the wife spots some other cardboard envelopes, but these are longer, so I'm thinking it's a 2 disc set or something... until I see the titles... Chiller, The Terror... then I see the little "DVD" logo, and realize that I'm looking at a whole bunch of $1 DVD's of horror and suspense flicks... I start grabbing them like a kid in a candy store, til I remembered that I only had about $5 cash on me... So I got the sound effects CD, and Chiller, The Terror, Night of the Living Dead, and White Zombie.

I have NOTLD on DVD, and it only cost me a dollar.

I have White Zombie on DVD, and it only cost me a dollar!


If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, please go. If nothing else, you can get some great Halloween gifts. I'm going to go back and get about forty or fifty dollars worth to hand out at Hallween.

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Wow.. Thats really cool.. I

Wow.. Thats really cool.. I always hated those dollar stores because my logic is that there can't be anything really useful for only a dollar but you just proved me wrong!

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