LC550 vs. LC575 Logic Board?

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LC550 vs. LC575 Logic Board?

Does the LC575 logic board provide any advantage over the LC550 logic board when transplanted into a CC?

Thanks to everyone that has responded to my many posts lately. I have been bitten by the CC bug. Sonnet sales support actually suggested to me that I get a Mac that is "further up the food chain" instead of upgrading a CC. Don't they understand?!?! Wink


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040 and 030

The 575 has an 040 processor while the 550 has a 030. That should give the 575 more speed and the ability to run a later OS. The 575 also has a Comm slot. The 575 isn't too hard to clock chip to 40 mhz.


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clocking 575

. . .or even 43MHz! Wink Stuart

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On the other hand the 550 is a direct swap -- no video mods or ResEdit hacks required, and the original back cover fits perfectly. You essentially get a Color Classic II.

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